VCL TestTool Glue

This program is used to run and evaluate automatic tests with the VCL TestTool application.
The VCL TestTool application is for GUI testing the office suite.
It doesn't make sense and won't currently work, to run this program without a working and used OOo test environment.

Steps to get this program working:
1. Install
2. Get GUI test environment 
3. Configure VCL TestTool
4. Perform a test run
5. Start VCL TestTool Glue

Sourceforge Project Site 
Java executeable 
Example result


Version 0.1: Codename Ugly

- Show the results of all used tests in a table
- Load test result file and source file with one mouse click
- Export selected results into a HTML file
- Platform independant, because of Java
- Published as NetBeans project

10.03.2007: imported source files into svn - compile it with NetBeans to get it run
15.03.2007: created readme/manual/screenshots
16.03.2007: upload program as .jar file - java executeable

Version 0.2: Codename Nice

- Run a set of tests
- Enable remote connection, to track the state of the test run: IRC and telnet
- Notification via mail when finished
- Rerun selected tests
- Shutdown OOo after every test (optional)
- Kill OOo after every test (optional)
- Stop test after the usual time for the specific test
- FIX: Launch the start of VCL TestTool in a seperate thread
- FIX: select any errorlog directory
- FIX: rescan result files on demand

30.03.2008: prepare sources for upload to repository
05.07.2008: updated source code in svn repository
06.07.2008: uploaded binary file release
11.07.2008: update documentation
11.07.2008: announce via blog

Future versions

1. Update categories automatic/show all available tests
2. Control installation and test run via remote
3. Pause/Stop/Cancel the test run
4. Submit test results to a central database

Why did I create this program?

1. To learn the Java programing language
2. Current tools that exist to show the results of a test run don't give you usefull information about the test run errors
   and loading each resultfile to look for the reason of an error is painfull.

Thorsten (b_osi at Logo